Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wiz Biz: A Few Thoughts

This is my first experimental column where I look at issues of the day and comment on them in a sentence or two. It's meant to be funny and somewhat insightful. I hope it lasts...

  • So Matt Cooke gets suspended for the rest of the regular season plus the first round. Then he says he's sorry. I wonder if Mario thinks he can change him from on-ice bad boy to the man he thinks he could be. The soap opera continues...
  • Are people still saying PK Subban is a brash, arrogant snot who has no respect for his peers? I guess so. What is it about this guy that brings out such hate? Is it the diving? Or is it because he's already better than most defenseman in the league?
  • Hudler, Datsyuk, Franzen, Ozzy. It's hard to believe the Wings managed to come back from down 4-0 to get the shootout charity point. Then again...when they're healthy come playoff time...Western Conference, you're on notice.
  • Hulsizer is hanging tough in his battle to win the Phoenix Coyotes. Congrats, you get to front a team that lost $40 million dollars this year and is less than two seasons removed from bankrupcy. I don't think this sale is going to happen, but if it does, things need to change in the desert.
  • In international news, Swedish Elite League's HV-71 pulled a 2003 Detroit Red Wings and got swept in the first round of their playoffs, scoring four goals in four games. Ouch. In keeping with the Red Wing theme, HV-71's goalie this season? Former Wings prospect Daniel Larrsson.
  • Ray Emery picked up one of the NHL's Stars of the Week. He might end up being the playoff go-to goalie for Anaheim, a team his Senators fell to in the 2007 Stanley Cup finals. I always find it funny how the game takes players and puts them in places they never thought they would be. Good luck to Emery in his comeback.


  1. They should have given Cooke a longer suspension when he hit Tyutin from behind because he is a repeat offender. Before these hits were illegal he was handing them out like candy. This man will not change, no matter how badly Shero or Mario scold him. He is poisonous. Ban him from the league.

  2. Thanks for your input! I agree the league dropped the ball on the Tyutin hit. This third incident might be the straw that breaks the camel's back (The camel being Pittsburgh). He's been told he can't keep this up and continue to be a Penguin. At this point, would it be surprising if Pittsburgh decided to bury him at the end of the season?

  3. They would be foolish to do that. I think there are still many teams in the NHL that would employ him because hes a good third liner/decent pker when hes not cracking skulls.

  4. Agreed, if only because he would become a weapon for a rival team. They could scratch him from play...that's about the only thing they could do that wouldn't involve another team picking him up. This is a tough situation for Pittsburgh management.