Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mark Recchi: The People's Champ?

As it has been reported via several different news mediums, Mark Recchi has risen from the crypt to weigh in on the almost-forgotten days of the Max Pacioretty Incident. Days of Y'Orr, a really good Boston Bruins blog, gives us a brief transcript of what Recchi said this afternoon regarding the hit, Patches' recovery, and how the league was justified in its decision not to suspend Zdeno Chara.

Audio. Is. Here.

To sum it up, Recchi believes the report of Patches' injury was the result of an unfortunate hockey play, that the injury report was embellished, and that the Habs were looking to get Zdeno suspended to gain an advantage in a playoff race. Huh. Interesting.

Aside from the devout homerism of the guys who conducted the interview, or the Days of Y'Orr blog itself, does Recchi have a point?

It's okay to defend your player from scrutiny, but to suggest some sort of conspiracy to get the "best defenseman" suspended to get an advantage? Them's fighting words. If I recall correctly, the last time these teams played, Montreal handed Boston their lunch. Then took it back and ate it right in front of them. Thursday game should be another highly entertaining showdown of two teams who legitimately despise each other.

As for Recchi, it's hard not to respect a guy who has been a mainstay in the NHL since the Jurassic era. Still, he's got an obvious bias, and if my team were crumbling (4-3-3 in their last 10) I would do what I could to distract everyone from that fact as well.


  1. FYI You double posted!

    Did they embellish the injury report? I don't believe so. The kid broke his neck and had a concussion. They called it a major concussion, which it could have appeared to be at first. He already had a concussion this season. I'm sure they were just being cautious with that assessment.

    In any case, it should be a good game tomorrow night. They usually are between these two clubs.

  2. Thank you for pointing that out sir. I agree about the concussion issue. I do, however, think that the Montreal media as well as the fans went a little too far by crying foul. Tying up 911 emergency phone lines was jumping the shark.

  3. Well the fans and media of Montreal sensationalize everything. They're a wild bunch. I believe it was not the intention of the organization to try to get Chara suspended. They're just concerned for Max's health.