Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Wiz Biz 4: Optimus Reim!

This is an experimental column where I look at issues of the day and comment on them in a sentence or two. It's meant to be funny and somewhat insightful. I hope it lasts...

  • Assist from Greg Wyshinski over at Puck Daddy, goal by Pucking Hilarious for this Optimus Reim t-shirt. I loathe the Toronto Maple Leafs but it's hard to argue against James Reimer's impressive run as their goaltender. They had a fighting chance up until this weekend...
  • As I discovered in the wee hours of the morning, via CapGeek's Twitter feed, the Detroit Red Wings have signed forward Cory Emmerton to a three year contract. The final two seasons are one way, which means Emmerton better earn a spot on the roster or he will find himself waived or released. I don't think it will come to either of those things, as Emmerton has been impressed in his limited time in the lineup.
  • Hopefully forward Manny Malhotra of the Vancouver Canucks will be okay. The eye injury required a second surgery, which was successful. It really cripples that PK unit with both Malhotra and Dan Hamhuis out.

  • Dirty hit? There's a lot of chatter about Todd Bertuzzi's hit on Ryan Johnson last night. Personally, I agree with Bob MacKenzie's assessment. The hit had an awkward turn by Bert with very unfortunate results. The 5 minute misconduct was enough. The league wound up not suspending Bertuzzi, which is a reasonable decision. Given how inconsistent the NHL is with suspensions, I expected anything from 4 games to nothing. The Twitter world was abuzz with "violent offender" this and "lock him in a cell" nonsense. I recognize how deplorable the Steve Moore incident was, but everyone deserves to be forgiven for their mistakes. Especially Bertuzzi, who has apologized numerous times, served his suspension, and has offered everything he can to Steve Moore.
  • The playoffs are coming soon, and Sports Club Stats is the best site to keep track of your teams chances of getting into the playoffs. We're getting very close to some teams going from 0.0% chances to being out. There might even be three teams (Minnesota, St. Louis, Columbus) eliminated tonight. The plot thickens....
  • That's all for now. My pick for tomorrow night is Anaheim vs. Calgary on TSN. Calgary needs to win every game at this point, but beating up on Teemu Selanne, Corey Perry and company will be no easy feat. My prediction: Calgary wins in a shootout, 5-4!

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