Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I learned from Detroit vs. Chicago 3/28/2011

This is a random collection of thoughts that occurred during the Wings/Hawks game tonight. Nothing insightful here.

  • Bert, keep dem boes down. Pick a better time to throw them up, like on the dance floor.
  • You know what, don't do that either. Just don't use your elbows. Ever.
  • Chicken-poop is an acceptable hockey term, via Mike Milbury.
  • Nick Lidstrom became the first 40+ year old defenseman to score 60 points. Incoming Norris? Hard to argue against it.
  • J-Mac is a rock in nets. He brought it tonight.
  • It's not a real hockey game unless 75 penalties are called.
  • It's not a real hockey game unless there are several non-calls or Tomas Holmstrom bullshit.
  • Toews is an impressive player, no doubt. But holy moley Moses let's get some other superstars some talk time.
  • Mike Milbury is the most random person ever born.
  • Henrik Zetterberg knows ALL the angles.
  • Hey Patrick Kane, heard you got robbed.
  • NO GOAL. Distinct kicking motion.
  • Everything PMG says is extremely awkward....
  • J-Mac is really, really sharp tonight. 5 to go at the Joe.
  • Pretty intense game. Out of snacks after 5 minutes.
  • Of course penalties decided this game. Great game, but there were some ticky tack calls and there's nothing more loathesome than when a good game is controlled by the referees. If you don't call it in the playoffs, don't call it in a regular season game.
  • Still don't like Hossa.

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