Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Wiz Biz: Summer Edition!

Hello all, it's good to be back writing about the NHL again. The recent stir of Chris Osgood's retirement has me burning with the desire to write about hockey before the season begins. I've received some praise from friends and family over my recent mention on the Puck Daddy Blog (Thanks again, Greg, even if my argument is zany!) and I think it's time I jump back into the blogging business, at least on a weekly basis. For now, a few quips and quotes from around the NHL that interested me:

  • As reported by Jared Purcell over at MLive, a fantastic place to find all things Michigan related, and according to the distinguished Hockey News website, Pavel Datsyuk is hosting a hockey camp over in Russia. I'll leave the in depth stylings of THN writer Rory Boylen and instead take the time to marvel at the continuous generosity hockey players seem to show. It might not seem as though it takes a lot of effort for a pro to set up a camp and pop in now and then to see the kids in action but to put forth the degree of effort hockey players do for local communities is something that I believe deserves recognition. Not just for the players but the league itself. Everybody wins and everybody feels good about these kinds of stories.
  • I've already written a small piece on the prospect of the Winnipeg Jets return (before they were announced to return) but I have to say the wait to see the new uniforms is killing us all in the hockey community. The new Nashville Predators jerseys over at On The Forecheck look pretty slick. Will they stack up to the Preds' new duds? I still think they should go with their retro jerseys, but I can understand wanting to modernize the new team since they are...after all...the former Atlanta Thrashers. RIP.
  • Finally for today, from Kukla's Korner, some great quotes from Ozzy and Ken Holland regarding the career of the Red Wings' beloved goaltender. My favorite quote, from Ozzy himself:
    "“If I could sum up my career in Detroit, I was a perfect goalie for the team at the perfect time.”

    Couldn't have said it better. Through the tough losses in 1999-2001 to the glory of 1998 and 2008, Ozzy, you were our guy and we're going to miss you. I hope someday that we see #30 in the rafters at the Joe. You've earned it.

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